Experience the future

A new way to communicate with SAGA

We’ve created a platform for experiential storytelling. Devise narratives, span platforms, and craft characters that care.

Command Your Narrative

SAGA uses language, location, user preferences, and more to personalize experiences across mobile, web, wearables, and the real world. You learn more about your audience and how they interact with your content or other offerings.

Our technology combines a language processing engine with an event-driven logic engine. This means that your messages are communicated through interactive characters that learn from and grow with your audience.

Experience for all

Media Companies

Bring your IP to life with a responsive digital character capable of accessing multi- media and building personalized relationships with your audience.

Location-Based Events

From theme parks to guided tours let characters take control of your guest experiences. Context-driven logic ensures they get the best answer for who and where they are.


Answer questions, administer quizzes, and watch the progress with our infinitely patienced teaching templates appropiate for students of every age.


Don’t make your customers call when they need information or to report an issue. Our characters recall guest preferences across stays and report critical issues to staff.

Customer Service

When your customers have a problem, they want to be heard. Show them you care with an instant response and ease the burden on your existing service channels.


What makes you unique? Show off your persona with a character capable of scripted and procedural responses to build everyday relationships with your customers.

Reach Your Audience Wherever They Are

Distribute your stories and characters across a wide variety of platforms. When your audience switches, the system switches with them.

Or use our API and bring your world to life in a web, mobile, console, or desktop application.

Need help? We’re here.

Our team has had a hand in some of pop culture’s most memorable franchises and characters. Whether you need help creating your characters or maximizing your impact, we can help.

Let us know what you’re dreaming at info@saga.ai